How Slowing Down Can Help You Achieve More

How Slowing Down Can Help You Achieve More

Is it really possible to slow down and achieve more?

How can you use this time to your advantage?

The world we’re all accustomed to runs at breakneck speed. 

Work, meetings, family… we’re all used to flying through the day barely pausing until our head hits the pillow.

But, of late, we’ve all been forced into slowing down to some degree. 

This, for most of us, is a very unfamiliar feeling. The tempo of our lives has decreased – and it’s not been our choice, necessarily. 

While this slower-paced situation we find ourselves in may not feel ideal, it does present an opportunity.

You see, it might seem counter-intuitive, but slowing down can help us achieve more. It gives you pause and clear space to examine your thoughts, action and behaviours in ways not possible when minds race and days speed by. 

Think of it like this… Imagine trying to turn a corner in a car driving at 100 miles per hour. Now imagine doing the same driving at 30 miles per hour. 

Obviously, you are in far more control driving at 30 miles per hour. Less likely to veer in the wrong direction.

Your mind and life are no different. 

When you slow down, you can be more deliberate and are far more in control of your actions, thoughts and behaviours. Making it easier and smoother to get to the destination you want.

Typically, in life’s whirlwind, even thinking about slowing down for a couple of minutes is a challenge. But, here many of us are, cooped up inside with little choice but to slow down for the foreseeable future.

How can you use this time to your advantage?

This is a chance to become much more aware of your unconscious patterns and unhealthy habits. The behaviours that, in regular daily life, control what you do, achieve and think – and remain concealed by constant, unending “doing”.

For instance, try using time in your schedule to unplug, rest, meditate and read books that inspire you. Or start a daily journaling practice. 

Journaling, especially, leads you to consciously slow down and be present with your thoughts. Putting pen to paper gives greater clarity about what you want from life, helping accelerate progress toward your goals and achieve more.

Being busy is almost a status symbol in our modern world. Under normal circumstances, it takes dedication, willpower and conscious effort to slow down.

But right now, many of us don’t have a choice but to slow down. So, make the most of it.

Use it to become more productive and less busy, more creative and less rushed and, most importantly, more in touch with what your intuition is telling you.

And, once this is all over, you may just find the habit of slowing down has become intuitive – and you are capable of achieving more.