Rave Reviews (taken from Amazon)

★★★★★ I love this way of journalling!

This journal is very inspirational to keep developing yourself as well as your yoga practice. It's a really fun and easy way to keep up journalling! Before I wanted to log my experiences, thoughts, emotions and dreams, but for me it was very difficult to keep motivated to do it. Now with this book I look forward to writing in this beautifully designed and composed book every single day! ~ Anouk Hummel

★★★★★ Book of treasures

I bought the journal as a present. The person was delighted with it, she said it was well thought out and she would enjoy filling it in. We'll worth the money. ~ Julia Wood

★★★★★ LOVE IT

Love this book, so motivational and a great idea, especially as after a year you can look back and see how much has changed! ~ Sophie Davison

★★★★★ Great way to take 10 mindful minutes..

Great way to take 10 mindful minutes. Lovely book that encourages you to think about your goals and priorities, consider them on a daily basis. Each day you set your intentions for the day, and think about what you are grateful for, how you want to be and each evening you reflect back on how your day has gone. The book also includes weekly and quarterly check ins so you can reflect on your progress. ~ Gillian Davis

★★★★★ Amazing Journal

This is my favourite journal. Beautiful design and layout. Inspiring. I would recommend buying two... One to keep and one to gift to a friend....

★★★★ Great Asset

This was a great tool to assist me in training for a try-a-triathlon. It also was great to take a quiet moment in the morning to set an intention for the day and find places of gratitude. I also appreciated that it prompted me to reflect on my day and acknowledge the positive moments I may have otherwise missed. It did get a bit hard to come up with new answers for the "I am..." statements in the morning, so somedays it just didn't fit for me. Recommended it to other people and one friend purchased the general greatness book and loves it.

★★★★★ Good Buy!

This is a great book. Glad I purchased it. I like how it addresses the mental and emotional side as well as exercise and nutrition. I definitely recommend it!

★★★★★ Worth it

I was really excited when I bought this journal and now have been using it for a month. Got this in the mail in record time if I remember correctly as I had an email from the team that they'd like me to have it as soon as I can so that I may start usng it asap!! I love journals and agendas in general. This was different because it combined and organized both your daily activities and your daily thoughts in a colorful and engaging manner. It was more expensive than what I usually spend on my stationary but I felt like I wanted an upgrade - this so much more than that and so worth it. The format is different from what you expect but it was exactly what I was looking for. I like that none of the days are marked and therefore, you can customize it to your own use. It's a little heavy in weight but it is so pretty and useful. I practice much-needed meditation and this makes it so much easier to keep track of my day and activities - it guides you through your every day life and become aware. There is pleasure and satisfaction in that. I still keep a separate journal for more space for reflection.

★★★★★ Beautiful

This is a beautifully designed book, with inspirational copy and lots of substantial information that will get you reassessing and upgrading your life. The only problem is it's almost too nice to write in! But it's a nice problem to have. I look forward to starting it. Would highly recommended it for yourself or a friend/family member who's a bit "stuck" and looking for motivation to start changing their life.

★★★★★ Useful & Inspiring

I bought this journal a few weeks ago and it is already proving to be an incredibly useful resource. It's flexible format means that you can start using it at any time of the year and it is so well designed that it is a pleasure to refer to each day. As well as guiding you through the daily steps that are necessary to create the life that you want, the journal encourages you to think about your long-term goals, your values and any areas of your life that are currently out of balance. I'd recommend spending a few weeks working on the introductory questions before diving in to daily journalling as this will give you a strong foundation to make changes and a useful reminder of the things that really matter in your life.

★★★★★ Best daily guide to improve your life!

This journal is fantastic. I've been using it for 3 months now and it's made a huge difference to how I feel. I'd recommend it to anyone that has a goal, and I even bought a copy recently for a friend.

★★★★★ Beautiful Journal

I bought the training journal after a client showed me her own & absolutely loved it. So much that I decided to buy this one too! You don't need to have two, this one certainly can be used to log your training but I like to use the two so I can keep a separate fitness log. This is a wonderful book, really makes you think about your life, goals, inspirations - everything! It can be used as a diary as it has section on each page to list appointments. There's a lots of guidance to help you fill in the sections, I've been using it for a couple of weeks & am really in to it now! It's absolutely beautiful too! Quite chunky & probably a bit heavy to take on holiday, I'll have to think about that! It's an ideal gift for a friend - if you can bear to give it away!

★★★★★ Perfect Way to Start Your Day!

Bought as a gift from my girlfriend and she loves it, perfect way to keep focus and record progress and results.

★★★★★ A Whole Life System - Your Life Will Be Different

The Daily Greatness Yoga Journal begins with a warning: `Caution! If used every day, this journal could radically transform, profoundly shape and dynamically alter your destiny to motivate you to...build discipline, be more creative, live in the moment, perfect your yoga practice, create inner and outer strength, learn to breathe deeply through life's joys and challenges, consciously create your days, connect with your inner genius, live with more passion and purpose, create an inspiring vision for your life, take action and explore your potential, overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, uncover your blind spots and find solutions to your challenges, transform disempowering thoughts, words and actions into empowering ones, move from being the victim of your life to the powerful co-creator of your life.' How in the world, you may well ask, could a journal do all that? This is not the usual planner or day book, this journal is a tool that gently leads you, through the power of routine and repetition, to address your life from all angles. How does it do this? For every day, there is an entire page, populated with specific questions to help you address your gratitudes, your aspirations, your affirmations, your thought life, your actions and behaviour, and your yoga. There's a column where you can plan the events of the day, or you can use it for other things (I decide to use that spot as a food tracker) At the beginning of each week there is a place to set your projects, appointments, actions and yoga practice for the week, then on the last day of the week, there is a space to reflect on your accomplishments. If that were all that is offered, it would set this journal well above others on the market, but there is even more. At the beginning of the journal, you are given the chance to identify your past accomplishments, things you need to forgive/let go of (in yourself and others), your priorities, and your wildest dreams. You create a Purpose Statement and a Life Mission Statement and a `Conscious Life Blueprint'. And then throughout the year, you are cued in the journal to review these against your weeks, to help you steer your course. I saw this journal in Atlantis Books in London and thought it was amazing, but was taken aback by the price. Yes, it is more than you would pay for a blank book in the pound shop! But when I got home, after viewing the website and reading customer testimonials, I decided to order it. I decided to commit to using this journal in the spirit it was intended. I have been using this journal daily for five weeks. Since I started using this journal I have: *increased my yoga and meditation practice *decided to apply for a new job and leave my old one *written a business plan to move my home business from a hobby to a more a lucrative income source *noticed patterns of thinking that have been keeping me back *challenged myself to do something that I've put off for last 2 years - I did it! That is a lot in just five weeks! I am eager to see where using this journal to focus my mind, my heart and my efforts will take me. Each day's changes happen by such tiny increments, but then when you look back, you realise you have come very far. Every 90 days, the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal offers a 90-Day Review page spread. Who knows what I will have managed to accomplish by the first 90 day mark! I wholeheartedly recommend the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal. It is not just focused on yoga asana - like yoga itself, it is a whole life system.

★★★★★ Easily Accessible Manner

Although I'm yet to start using this journal on a daily basis, it has so far helped me formulate my goals in a clear, and easily accessible manner. The journal is enticingly colourful with motivational quotes included - I can't wait to start using it daily!

★★★★★ Journal Writing & Daily Practice Made Easy!

As a Wellness Coach and a Trainer of Wellness Coaches I know the power of keeping a daily journal and the magic of daily spiritual practice. I regularly invite people to do both because they are two of the most effective ways of developing personally and spiritually. Daily Greatness brings yoga and journaling together in a Yoga Journal that is a very beautiful, high quality, easy to use addition to the day of anyone who wants to radically and rapidly make significant changes in life. This book will help you reflect, clarify your vision and mission, set goals, stay on track and evaluate your progress. As soon as I saw a copy I bought one, so should you. Now when I invite people to journal, I will also recommend Daily Greatness.

★★★★★ Wonderful!

Fabulous journal, helps keep me motivated and gives me a clear and easy structure for my fitness plan! 10/10

★★★★ Great training journal with inspiring quotes and terrific schedule

Great training journal with inspiring quotes and terrific schedule to keep track of nutrition, progress and reminders of self awareness and more to keep you motivated.

★★★★★ This journal has been fantastic

It keeps me focused on my goals For someone whose always struggled to maintain motivation when making lifestyle changes, this journal has been fantastic. It keeps me focused on my goals, positive about my ability to reach them and helps me plan my day to stay on track.

★★★★★ More than a training log

Fantastic Journal! It looks lovely, I want to stroke it! Nice size, light & easy to carry about if you wish. Easy to use & very thought provoking. Much more than a training log, it asks you to think about your motivation, inspiration, set goals & has regular check ins. I love it - and I bought one of the other ones too!

★★★★★ Worth the investment

You can pick up journals just about everywhere and often for a lot less money. So why should you purchase this one? If you're trying to establish and maintain a home yoga practice, this journal can help you stay motivated and accountable. If you're wanting to deepen your practice, this journal can help you set goals and evaluate your progress over time. If you want to keep a journal, but don't know what to write about, this journal's questions will give you a starting point. If you want to be more appreciative and to shift your thinking, this journal's daily gratitude and affirmation sections will help. If you're wanting to take yoga off the mat and into your daily life, this journal is a great place to start.

★★★★★ I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to create a life they love

This is one of the most comprehensive and thorough planners out there. I appreciate the thoughtful questions, the daily prompts and the space to journal and create a "beautifully conscious life." The weekly check ins have encouraged me to stay on track with my goals and life plan. I take it everywhere! I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to create a life they love.

★★★★★ Five Stars

Absolutely love this journal!

★★★★★ I'm thrilled with my Dailygreatness Journal

As somebody who is new to using a journal I was looking for something that would provide structure and direction in this new habit, which this journal provides in abundance. It provides pages of useful information and advice on how to assess every area of your life and create the goals you need to achieve a more balanced life. It is a beautiful book to write in which inspires you to fill it full of your thoughts, plans and dreams." ~ Joanne

★★★★★ Love it!!!

Such a neat journal! Very helpful in keeping track of training goals. Definitely will purchase this journal again. Love it.~ Elizabeth Andrews

★★★★★ Do it!!!

I love this journal! It's like the gratitude practice a diary and a to do list all in one!!! I love the lay out it's organized and easy to follow. ~ Evon Dawood

★★★★★ The only daily journal I use and would highly recommend.

I purchased this through a friend recommendation. I recommend it to all my mates. It has helped me to keep focused, maintain consistency, discipline as well as get clarity. I have achieved goals in a few months that would normally take a lot longer.~ Sanaullah

★★★★ Love this journal

I only wish it were spiral bound but overall it a very sturdy journal and I love the quotes throughout.~ Alcyone

★★★★★ "The Dailygreatness Journal is a year's journal, more or less day-to-page (although there is a different page shown for the end of the week). The idea is to put into practice all the information you might have read from inspirational books in the past. The journal gives you 90 day reviews where you plan out your goals for the following 90 days. It asks you various motivating questions on a daily basis and encourages you to be grateful and think about the better things in your life. There is space for reminders and appointments, and you are encouraged to meditate and take part in other soul-nourishing activities. This journal isn't cheap, but it is fantastic quality. It has a soft but very sturdy cover, and good quality thick pages. It's colourful and well laid out and appealing inside. But it still looks functional, it looks pretty but is not so pretty that you're afraid to write in it. This really is a fantastic journal as long as you make the effort to use it. Of course, the effort must come from you in the first place, but this is such a joy to use that it's not too much of a hardship. The daily questions encourage you to think about your life and your goals and dreams. Even after a few weeks of using it I find it extremely motivating, and I love that every 90 days you stop, have a think about what is working and can change it up as you find yourself changing. You also get a weekly review section where you can go over what is and is not working for you. Overall, this is really worth the asking price, it's beautifully made and a lot of thought has gone into it. If you want to change your life, this is a pretty good place to start!" ~ M. A.Nicoll "Squish"

★★★★★ "Well thought out and planned resource - clearly focuses the mind to planning each day, taking time to reflect on the positive aspects from each activity, and leaning lessons from the more challenging!Structured well, each section flows into the next, with handy prompts each week to review your diary, and ensure you're meeting goals appropriately.High quality printing and binding, means that it should last for the full 365 days!" ~ Geri Hancock

I am loving using this journal! It is helping me become clear, focused and mindful of both my practice on my mat and higher intentions. I can recommend this journal to any practitioner who wants to be more organised and cultivate clarity in every aspect if their on, and off, the mat practice!" ~ Jill Amison

★★★★★ "Just wanted to connect and say thank you for your journal, it has made a huge difference to my day and now I would love to share that with my clients." ~ Kellie Sanders

★★★★★ "A wonderful tool for me to help create some specific goals and keep me focused on what I want to achieve." - Linda Studley "I never miss a day. I love the dailygreatness journal because I know that taking time to go inward is the best gift I can give myself." - Jenny Harrison

★★★★★ "Excellent tool for planning & living a more conscious and self-aware life." - David Bradley

★★★★★ "This journal powerfully but gently guides you through the process of peeling back layers of conditioning and self-imposed limitations...and equips you to be empowered, clear minded, productive, and to more easily achieve what you desire." - Sheryl Cox "A wonderful tool to support anyone to access their inner wisdom and put into place the inner guidance that will support living one's best life. I highly recommend it!" - Dr. Joe Rubino, Author The Self Esteem Book

★★★★★ "Distractions are all around us and can easily consume our day, the Dailygreatness Journal is a great tool to keep you focused." - Book Tour Radio "This journal helps you harness the power of focus and deliberate intention by strengthening your connection with your inner self where all the wisdom lies." - Mary Ellen Goggin, Author of Relationship Transformation

★★★★★ "A road map to take your life in great new directions. Be proactive in creating your life experiences and get this book!" - Rosemary Kaljian "The product is absolutely amazing, I couldn't keep it to myself, had to buy another two for my mother and sister. 5 star rating!" - Samara

★★★★★ "This Journal is far more than I imagined it could be! I am GREATLY satisfied, and have been recommending it to almost every friend of mine and my parents!" - Melena "This journal is completely planned and thought out in such a beautiful way! It truly is a product about creating a life that matters!" - Mel Ann Morales

★★★★ "My first impression was .. what a beautiful book. Lovely design, inspiring quotes, well laid out. But it's not just a pretty face. If you let it, this book will change your life. I love it!" - Sue

★★★★★ "I'd been thinking about getting one of these for a while and I am so glad I did - I absolutely love this journal! It was just what I was looking for as I wanted something with a food diary in and something that would motivate me to track and achieve my fitness and wellbeing goals. It's about more than just fitness though, it covers your mindset and thinking about your motivations, feelings etc. Once I've worked my way through this, I fully intend to get the yoga journal. These are such a great a gift for someone into wellbeing and health and fitness. Pricey but worth it as there's nothing on the market like or as good as this!" ~ Sapna Sangar

★★★★★"It's a beautiful book which is encouraging and doesn't make you feel awful if you have a bad day. Completing the daily entries was a good habit to form and definitely helped change my mind set. Easy to use" ~ Debbie Foster

★★★★ I got this journal as a way to help me streamline and focus my thoughts about 'me' and the direction I was going in as I found that in the past, I had been too focused on writing 'things to do' each day, which didn't really address thoughts, dreams and hopes that I have or any future long-term goals. Whilst I'm still early on in the process (hence 4 stars and not yet 5) after 10 days, I have already started to get a feel for how it sub-consciously works its magic. The act of committing something to writing encourages you to walk your talk (well, at least that's what I've found so far). In addition, being able to focus on motivations and positive 'I am...' statements is an absolute boon in order to get away from the constant critical inner voice that often drives the show. The design of the journal is simple yet elegant and it also incorporates a daily schedule, so you could use it in place of your regular diary if you wished." ~ Ms. Claire Murphy

★★★★★ So Inspiring!

This is such a beautiful book, already I'm thinking more consciously about daily choices I make. Thank you for such an inspiring book! ~ Hannah Waterfall

★★★★★ The missing link in achieving fitness goals

This book was a revelation! As an obsessive planner this book drove me wild with excitement and it did not disappoint. It took what I already knew from all the fun self-help books and gurus I have absorbed over the years and really put them in to practice. It is a joy to look at and use. I'm in the middle of law school exams and this book has really helped me cultivate a sense of calm and RUN! I would buy another for myself or a friend in a heartbeat. ~ Emma West

★★★★★ Love it!

I absolutely love this! Wonderfully inspiring, beautifully set out with lots of advice on meditation and mindfulness. I look forward to using it everyday. ~ Mummy C.

★★★★★ A Great Companion

I bought the Dailygreatness journal as part of my mindfulness practice. I needed something to help me along on a daily basis, as I strive to adopt a more conscious lifestyle. I chose the Yoga Journal over the original one because I'm learning to dance, which I feel shares much affinity with yoga in mindset and physicality. It feels like a treat to put aside a small moment in the morning and before bed to bring my focus to the day, and therefore pay attention to myself. Personal transformation is sometimes necessarily solitary. The journal like a friend who sits with me and cheers me with gentle, uplifting words. I don't yet manage to exercise or meditate daily, but the journal gives me an incentive to roll out the yoga mat, spend at least a few minutes stretching my body, before filling out my day in the journal by answering concise and encouraging questions. I'm gradually feeling less resistance towards exercise and meditation and am more able to stay mindful during the day. I would recommend the Dailygreatness Journals to anyone with aspirations to live a more peaceful life. ~ Ana-Lorraine Lui

★★★★★ Great way to support a daily yoga practice

I've practiced yoga regularly for almost 20 years and had been finding it difficult to motivate myself to practice daily as I pass through a life transition - retirement! This journal is really helpful in both motivating me to practice more than just asana but also to help me reflect on what I want to accomplish in the future and how I want to get there while living in the present moment at the same time. When I bought it, I wasn't sure if the format would be restrictive, so I also bought a little blank book as well (one of the recommendations in the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal). I've found that the two support each other - I start with the more formal practices of reflection in this journal, which usually prompts something to come up that I want to explore further. Combined with Judith Lasater's "A Year of Living Your Yoga," and Bruce Black's "Writing Yoga: A Guide to Keeping a Practice Journal," using the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal is a powerful tool for self-reflection. And it's beautifully designed and the paper is perfect for writing - the ink flows beautifully over the page. Highly recommended. ~ Wendy Dirks

★★★★★ "An indispensable and practical daily road-map, if you need practical help, tangible guidance and empathic support in getting to where you want to go you could not, in my opinion, do better." - Michael Vanderosen

★★★★★ "This is a wonderful daily diary, not too intrusive; it helps you assess your life, look forward and gives tips and nudges, but is not in any way preachy. I have loved using it daily." - A.Stoker "I love this book. It's just what I have been looking for, even though I didn't realise it until I got it." - Billie

★★★★ "Although an expensive item it is worth every penny! Since showing the dailygreatness journal to friends and work colleagues many of them have expressed an interest in buying this item also." - Julie Reynolds

★★★★★ "Between the book and your podcasts, I feel that I am going to achieve my goals this year! Thank you for making such a wonderful resource." - Kayla

★★★★★ "I've only just started using the Daily greatness training journal. I really like the gorgeous and vibrant colour. I keep it on my bedsite table in order to have it handy every morning. I feel that it helps me to keep track of my daily routine and sports schedule and I feel motivated to try new things. I like that it challenges me every day to make the most out of it and I feel that I have to be more honest with myself as it'll help me to keep track of what I'm doing. I'm looking forward to the next 12 weeks!" ~ Elisabeth Breutner

★★★★★ "I'll get judging it by its cover out of the way and start by saying that this book is beautiful, the design is great and it's very well laid out. I've only recently acquired it so I'll review it again once I've officially started using it and have been training for 12 weeks. So far, so good" ~ Amazon UK Customer

★★★★★ Fantastic!

I have read a lot of self help books, all having been exciting at the time, but with no lasting impact other than theoretical 'school-book' knowledge. Daily Greatness takes theoretical concepts, and turns them into logical, practical steps that really leave the reader (or participant really) no other option than achievement. My book is worn, tattered and torn and I'm buying another one, I have bought one for everyone in my family and they have all not only enjoyed it, but achieved so much from their take on this fantastic guide. If you've ever felt like you should be getting more from your life, through achievement, fame, authority, time management, or just daily motivation - you cannot go past this book, it's guaranteed to generate your best year yet. Buy it now, the easy to read interface, the beautiful simplicity of the images, the pages even smell like achievement. Once you've read this book, you will feel as though you have been in the IKEA of self help, you'll stroll the aisles effortlessly, emerging at the other end with a trolley full of achievement, and an overwhelming feeling of content. It's not just a book, it is an experience.~ Julius

★★★★★ Amazing Journal

This is my favourite journal. Beautiful design and layout. Inspiring. I would recommend buying two... One to keep and one to gift to a friend....

★★★★ Great asset

This was a great tool to assist me in training for a try-a-triathlon. It also was great to take a quiet moment in the morning to set an intention for the day and find places of gratitude. I also appreciated that it prompted me to reflect on my day and acknowledge the positive moments I may have otherwise missed. It did get a bit hard to come up with new answers for the "I am..." statements in the morning, so somedays it just didn't fit for me. Recommended it to other people and one friend purchased the general greatness book and loves it.

★★★★★ Motivating others!

Bought this for a friend and they have not stopped raving about it. Thanks for helping others with motivation and inspiration to be healthy! ~ CC