Dailygreatness Inspired™ Membership

Dailygreatness Inspired™ Membership

Ready to play a bigger game in 2019? 
Now you can, with Dailygreatness Inspired™ Member!

In a world where everyone's interviewing the next expert for answers, we're empowering you to find your own.

Dailygreatness Inspired™ Member won't have you seeking answers from experts but will inspire you to go within to find solutions for yourself. When you listen and follow your path and take action, you grow both in self-belief and self-esteem, and that’s when everything changes.

Each week, join the LIVE Weekly Action and Inspiration call and stay on track with your mindset and your goals.

As a member, you'll be in the inner possibility circle, personally coached by author and founder of Dailygreatness, Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke, with practical, tangible and grounded strategies for maximizing your potential, reaching your goals and creating exciting shifts in how you see yourself and experience life. 

Whether you're building a business, trying to lose weight, want to be a better parent, going for a massive goal or simply wanting to be more mindful, the weekly action and inspiration call with Lyndelle is not to be missed.

Lyndelle will be asking you the questions that no one else is asking.

‘It's my intention on our weekly call to help you awaken to the gifts that are within you so you can see and enjoy the gifts that are around you. All it takes is one small breakthrough to change your life forever.'- Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke

For those who wish to participate and play an even bigger game, Dailygreatness Inspired™ Member is more than inspiration; you will be assigned an accountability partner to work with in our Facebook community helping you stay on track with what you say you are going to do.
And of course, if you find the Membership is not the right fit for you, you can cancel at any time with our 14-day cancellation policy.
Dailygreatness Inspired™ Membership includes:

- Choose your commitment: One year or 90 days of weekly group coaching with Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke and special guests starting January 6th, 2019. (value $1500)

- Plus 1 x 1:1 Vision Planning Call with Lyndelle or her head coach in Q1 of 2019 (limited to first 50 members, value $650)

- Exclusive bonus content distributed throughout the year on finding and following your purpose, goal strategies that work, identity paradigm shifts and bonus clarity worksheets. (Value $150)

- Plus access to an accountability partner to help you stay on track (Value Priceless) 

- Plus access to our exclusive Facebook Group for continued support (Value Priceless) 

Your investment is less than $7 per week for world-class coaching, inspiration, community, and ongoing accountability. You won't get this offer anywhere else.

About Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke

Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke is an author, publisher, and entrepreneur. Having founded Dailygreatness is 2010 and growing her business to multiple 7-figures, incorporating in 5 countries and writing and publishing over 10 titles, Lyndelle knows what it takes to stay focused, on-track and inspired.

Lyndelle's work has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including The Today Show, Huffington Post, Women's Health, Marie Claire, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar to name a few.

Lyndelle is a life and business coach, having trained under Scott Harris, the #1 trainer for Tony Robbins, with a particular passion for identity transformation. An avid traveler, Lyndelle resides between her home country of Australia and the Swedish Summer along with her husband and two gorgeous children.

What Lyndelle's coaching clients say:

Lyndelle has depth, strength and knows when to push you.

Coaching with Lyndelle is the best thing I have done. It helped me get in touch with what I truly love and want to do. Her approach is direct and challenging and gets right to the heart of what you need. As a result of the coaching we did, I totally shifted my business focus and gained the confidence to launch a business based on my passion and skills. I also broke out of some unhealthy mental patterns and was able to let go of pressures I had been putting on myself which were holding me back. I wake up happier, lighter and passionate about what I am doing. I entered coaching hoping for help with my business, but the process spilled over into every aspect of my life, with the biggest shifts being internal. I am doing what I love again, and after almost 10 years of not being able to write, the words are now spilling forth. I couldn’t be happier. I love that Lyndelle knew how to drive the conversations and always came with a plan. Each call with Lyndelle started soft, and ended with a hard shift. It was amazing. - Krystal HC. - Freelance copywriter and editor

Lyndelle will bring you the tools and results that you need for the next step.

I knew Lyndelle as the author of the Dailygreatness series so when she launched her coaching, I signed up as I wanted to expand my business and create abundance. Lyndelle is amazing and will bring you the tools and results that you need for the next step. Her coaching style is clear, straight to the point and very compassionate. As a result of the coaching, my income has doubled, I have clarity and I am more aligned with my purpose. Mark VDL. Yoga Teacher & Transformation Coach

Lyndelle is very good at helping me locate and amplify my power.

As a result of the coaching and work I did with Lyndelle, I executed a very successful fundraiser event and raised $57,000 when I was worried about just breaking even! It was amazing how my change in attitude about myself could have such a huge impact on my fundraising results. I went from panic to great trust and confidence. I also gained greater confidence in my abilities by remembering what I can accomplish while being more effective. As a result, I am feeling much more worthy and capable now of finding a mate. Lyndelle is very good at helping me locate and amplify my power. I felt that she really cared about my success. Alexandra H. Animal Rights Activist & Philanthropist


When do the coaching calls start?

The launch call will start on Sunday, January 6th, 2019! However, you can join anytime throughout the year to fast-track your growth, maximize your potential and stay on track.

How will it work?

In the first week of January in the days leading up to the first live member call, you'll receive an email with instructions for how to join the weekly call via your computer or smartphone. (No download will be required). We'll be sure to send you plenty of reminders each week with all the details, so you don't miss out.
Do you have a special offer or discount code?

Yes! For a very limited time get 50% off with our introductory offer. Your investment is less than $7 per week.

What if I can't make the live weekly call?

No problem! All calls are recorded and sent to you immediately after each session so that you can listen at your leisure.

What will the topics of the weekly coaching call be?

Every week, Lyndelle and her guests will be coaching you on the eight areas of life and other essential mindset shifts to help you maximize your Dailygreatness journey. We'll be covering everything from purpose, goals, potential, productivity, relationships, parenting, business, creativity, health, money and much much more. The topic will change weekly and will also include Q & A sessions from our members with pre-submitted questions to discuss issues that are important to you.

How long will the calls be?

Typically all live calls will be 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the topic.

How do I submit my question for the Q & A?

Simply email support@dailygreatness.co or send your question via the support tab on our website one week before each call for an opportunity to have your question answered live.

Do you offer a refund on this package?

Yes! We offer a 14-Day 100% money back guarantee. If after the first call you don't love it, we'll refund you in full.

We ship to Australia and New Zealand from our AU store.

Approximate shipping times: 

Standard Shipping AU: 5-7 days
Regional AU and WA: 10-14 days 
New Zealand: 10-14 days

Shipping costs and methods: 

Our shipping fees are weight based starting at approx. $9.50.

We use the most economical way to ship to you which is guided by third party carriers who determine the shipping prices.

All our products are sent using tracking with a shipping notification sent to you once your order has shipped.


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